SANITOP offers a wide range of aids in different sizes for everyday use, including:

  • AFO
  • Knee orthoses
  • 3-point braces
  • Corsets
  • Dynamic torso supports
  • Neck braces

Custom-made orthoses

We strive for your satisfaction.

Orthoses are custom-made to meet patients' requirements. These made-to-measure aids are individually designed according to a cast and later completed either in carbon fibre or with thermoplastic materials.


SANITOP offers carbon fibre orthoses for patients who suffered from poliomyelitis. Main focus is on the orthosis' light weight - you will never regret having chosen one of these orthoses.


Orthoses for sports and custom-made products

We make protective and supportive braces for individual body parts and special requirements. These custom-made products guarantee best wearing comfort and high quality:

  • Nose protectors
  • Sports protectors
  • Shin pads

Special design elements and various aesthetic aspects can be taken into consideration - according to a patient's taste.



Corsets for scoliosis are made in cooperation with the highly experienced staff and orthotists at "Sanit Service" in Trento.

Your prescribing doctor chooses the type of corset you need.

Measurements can be taken at hospitals in South Tyrol.

Fitting, fabrication and delivery of the aid all take place on one day in Trento.

Cheneau, Lyon, Milwaukee and Boston corsets are available.


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