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Insoles by SANITOP are custom-made.

All individual and personal analysis results are taken into consideration in the making of insoles. The materials meet highest standards in quality and orthopaedics.
Insoles guarantee patients better pressure distribution and discharge of the sole of foot.
Posture and gait are thus improved.


CAD-CAM System

Insoles are manufactured using CAD-CAM, a way of computer-aided measuring with a baropodometric plate.
This system allows static and dynamic assessment of the foot in order to identify pressure points and pathological feet positions. The insole is designed directly on the computer by the orthotist and is then milled using materials with different densities. This procedure does not require heating the materials and therefore provides the insole with longer durability and enables more exact positioning of charged and discharged points.

Orthotic insoles can only be commissioned on medical prescription.


Therapeutic orthoses for children

SANITOP also offers various kinds of therapeutic orthoses for children according to their needs and on prescription.


The Carbonflex insole is a choice insole made of flexible carbon fibre. It guarantees the necessary correction of a pathology without affecting dynamic during gait. This kind of fibre can be reinforced anytime in order to achieve best possible therapeutic results.


By the end of 2014 we will also be offering exteroreceptive and proprioreceptive orthoses according to Bricot.


Sports insoles

Sports insoles are manufactured using CAD-CAM and are hence high-quality products. Sports insoles are designed for various types of sports, taking amateur as well as professional sportsmen's needs and demands into account. Basic and cover materials, pads and shock absorbers vary according to the type of sporting activity and personal requirements. All sports insoles are custom-made.





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