Custom made shoes

SANITOP also offers custom made shoes, which are fabricated in cooperation with two important shoemakers in Italy:


The custom made shoe is manufactured according to the specifications of unique lasts which match the characteristics of a patient's foot. This specially designed last stays in our workshop and can hence be re-used for periodic replacements.

We guarantee ideal fit and best quality for each and every annual replacement.

Production time is around 2-3 months.


Shoes according to the FIA system

FIA (Footwear with Individual Adaptation) shoes are produced by the Norwegian company Klaveness that has come up with innovative solutions:


…enjoy the aesthetics of a comfort shoe as comfortable as a custom made shoe.


Necessary adjustments to the lasts are made during production in order to meet individual requirements. Customers can choose from a range of different styles, colours and soles, high-quality leather and lining.


This system has been tried and tested  in European countries such as Scandinavia, Portugal, Great Britain and will also be greatly successful in future in Italy.


Shoes for diabetics

…we will gladly provide you with support and advice!


Prevention and treatment

Orthopaedic treatment is an important part of effective management of a diabetic foot (Preventive measures can reduce chances of amputation by up to 80%).
Suitable shoes with a custom made insoles (orthoses) can prevent decubitus ulcers.
Your prescribing physician and your orthitist decide, whether a custom-made or rather a ready-made shoe is of need. Moreover, an insole can help reduce plantar pressure points. Unsuitable shoes can stress the foot, leading to a higher risk of amputation as patients have a reduced sense of pain.



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